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Musical & Instruments Abbreviations
Normierung / standardization of instrumentation

(used mainly in data-field "instrumentation" ≈ Besetzung ≈ cast)
this shortcuts ≈ abbreviations are used for standardizing the instrumentation by algorithmic text recognition
result is the new standardized datafield "instrumentation standard".
Please notice the ambiguity by means of mixing human performers (perc, actor, perf) and non-human equipment (computer, generator, ring modulator))

Some rules (used in EMDoku1 database)

A Alt, alto (singing Voice) {62} a- alto (instrument prefix ≈ a-fl) (nop)
acc Akkordeon / bandoneon / accordion {120} amp amplified (≈ amp vn), amplifier, verstärktes Instrument, (nop)
actor actor, mime, narrator, clown, Akteur, actress, actrice, acrobat {246} B Bass, bass (singing Voice) {86}
b- bass (ins. prefix ≈ b-cl & b-Bar) (nop) Bar Bariton, baritone (singing Voice), b-Bar {99}
bar- baritone (ins prefix ≈ bar-sax) (nop) bn Fagott, bassoon {110}
br, br- brass, brass-prefix ( ≈ br-ens, (nop)) ch chor, choir, chorus, children ch, male ch, female ch … {396}
choreo Choreography cl clarinet (b-, db-, a-, es-), bassett-hn {757}
clvd clavichord = hpd (Cembalo) com

computer, ≈ laptop, sampler ≈ sam, MARS, Workstation, DSP, NeXT, Max, Max/MSP, Supercollider, ISPW, Kyma, Fairlight, Fly, Smartphone, Synclavier, drumpad-sam, workstation, roboter, flute-playing-machine, … {553}
very often the symbol "com" means not an additional performer ≈ vague result

con controlled, controller, gesteuert (nop) cymbal, cym Becken, Cymbal, Cinello, Piatto, Cymbale = perc
dance dancer, dancers {152} db, db- Kontrabass, double bass, (ins prefix) {334}
DSP Digital Signal Processing = com dig digital (nop)
ehn english horn, cor anglais ≈ a-ob (alt-Oboe) = ob e- electric, electronic (instrument prefix ≈ e-gui or e-perc) (nop)
elec electronic, electric, ≈ rm, effects, mic, generator, oscillator, harm, Vocoder, data glove, live-elec, transducer, mic, tape recoder, tape-loop, effects, dig delay, digital reverb, radio, CD-player etc. {422} ens ensemble (also with prefix ≈ str-ens, ww-ens), ready made, network, band, … {652}
fem female (nop) fl flute (db-, b-, a-, C-, f- …)≈ rec (s-, t-, b-…), piccolo, ottavino, sopranino, cheng, shakuhachi, pan-fl {1108}
gen generator, generated = elec gui Zupfins / plucked string ins = guitar (b-gui, a-, e-, e-bass, …), e-chin, charango, chitarra, mandoline, lute, balalaika, pipa, chapman stick {506}
harm harmonizer = elec hn horn ≈ french horn, F-Horn, B-Horn, jagdhorn, waldhorn, flügelhorn, trompe, alphorn, euphonium {175}
hp Harfe, harp {145} hpd Cembalo, harpsichord, clavichord = clvd {136}
impro improvisierend, improvising (nop) ins instrument (rough specification, instrument not even specified); if used as suffix like perc-ins, then converted to perc; asian ins ≈ ins {593}
int international (nop) ISPW IRCAM musical workstation = com
Kbd Keyboard, Tasteninstrument, e-org, com-Kbd, Carillon {302} LS Loudspeaker (nop)
mar marimba = perc mdl mandoline = gui
Mez Mezzo-Soprano (singing Voice) {101} mic Microphone (nop) = elec
mtr Mixturtrautonium = synt mul multiple (rough specification) ≈ variabel / (nop)
mus musician(s) (rough specification) = perf {85} mx mixed (nop)
ob Oboe, hautbois, ehn, ob-damore {236} oma Ondes Martenot = synt
orc orchestra, orchestrated by, (prefix str-orc), group orc {500} org Orgel, organ, Hammond-org, Harmonium, (but notice e-org ≈ Kbd) {188}
p piano, ≈ com p, e-p, prep p, disklavier, Neo-Bechstein, Player-p, Pianocorda, Fender-Rhodes; "zu vier Händen" ≈ 2 pianists 4 hands = p {4 hands} (please notice the braces!) … {1710}
perc Schlagzeug, percussion ≈ tim, vib, mar, xyl, chimes, cymbal, cimbales, Becken, drum, drumset, drumpad, steel-drum, maracas, perc-machine, tam-tam, snare drum, bell, conga, woodblock, tom-tom {1602}
octet 8 players, str-octet ≈ 8 str perf performer, performed by (rough specification) ≈ musician, Spieler, player, dichter, interpret, artist, audience, technician, assistent, conductor {460}
pic piccolo (prefix ≈ pic-fl, pic-tpt) (nop) prep prepared (mostly means prep p) (nop)
proc processed (nop) qnt quintet, 5 player. str-qnt ≈ 5 str, br-qnt ≈ 5 w
4 player / 4 ins ≈ str-qt = 4 str {369}, br-qt = 4 w rec Blockflöte, recorder, flûte à bec = fl
rm ring modulator = synt s- soprano (instrument prefix ≈ s-sax) (nop)
S Soprano (singing Voice) {521} sam sampler = com
sax saxophone (db-, mety-, a-, b-, s-, t-) {507} sol Solist, solo-instrument (prefix ≈ sol V) (nop)
Sp Sprecher, speaking Voice, recitor {332} str Streicher, string (rough specification; "classical" vn, va, vc, db excluded) ≈ monochord, Koto, Zheng, Guzheng, Kayagum, cymbylom, long-string, Koto, Santur, Tambura, Zimbal, Hackbrett, many asian ins … {369}
synt synthesizer ≈ mtr, theremin, Moog, Syter, oma, Synthy AKS, SynLab, MIDI, Synket, Syter, Subharchord, DX7, … {963}
t- tenor (instrument prefix ≈ t-sax) (nop) T Tenor (singing Voice) {110}
tim Pauke, timpano(i) = perc tpt Trompete, trumpet ≈ toy tpt, b-tpt, e-tpt, b-tpt, … {288}
trbn Trombone, Posaune (t-, b-, s-)… {315} tuba tuba, trompa, turbo-tuba, b-tuba {90}
V common human Voice, singing Voice {1131} var variabel (number of …), rough specivication, (nop)
va Bratsche, Viola, viola d'amore {277} vc cello, Violoncello, viola da gamba, celletto, arpeggione… {666}
vib vibraphone = perc vn violin, Violine, Geige, Zeta-vn… {626}
w, w- wind instrument, Blasinstrument, shawm, cheng / sheng, mouthorgan, sho, brass, bagpipe / Dudelsack {182} ww / ww- woodwind, woodwind-Ensemble / Holzblasinstrument = w
xyl xylophone = perc (nop) no operation / not used ≈ slides, lights, special, midified, concrete, mobil, obsolete, several, synthetic, driven, modernes, grand, high, low, small, extended, retuned, mechanical, interactive, freely, modulated, digital, loop, robotic, optional / opt, processed / proc, prepared / prep, chamber-, boys, children, girls, young, mixed / mix / mx, gamelan-, male, female, contra-, ad libitum / ad lib, solo-, baroque, folk-, Counter, coloratur-, var, MIDI-, Moog, microinterval, microtonal, x-voice, amp,


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